Over 50 years of quality, luxury and sustainability

MAXIMA srl is a prestigious Italian young fashion shoe maker located in the heartland of the Venice Riviera del Brenta. This area is historically known for its thriving footwear industry where skills have been handed down from generation to generation since XIII century.

For five decades, the company’s craftsmen have manufactured high quality shoes combining the rigour of their heritage with the most contemporary design.

Our trendy styles have taken school shoes to a new level by merging our most important features:

. foot comfort and health: anatomic shape

. quality: 100% Italian leather, full lining, hand finished details, longevity

. fashion: latest slick design





1) Cutting leather, by hand

The leather components that make the upper of the shoe are cut by hand by our artisans, optimising leather consumption and refining the points of contact

2) Refining the upper

To avoid rough joints, all points of contact of the leather parts that make the upper are treated, making them thinner. In this way when you touch the shoe you do not feel any discontinuity between one part and the other

3) Hand sewing

4) Inserting the lining and the accessories

Every item is sewed by hand, allowing for proper customisation

Every item is sewed by hand, allowing for proper customisation

The lining

Cutting, inserting and sewing the lining requires great care and attention to detail, achievable only by expert hands


All accessories are tailored and sewed directly onto the shoe, ensuring reliability and wear

5) Reinforcing the rear part of the shoe

Reinforcing the heel

Every buttress is taylored to the shoe it is going to fit

Before pressing

The buttress is installed between the upper and the lining before pressing

The moduling

The buttress is pressed and fixed while hot, in order to create full adherence with the upper

6) Here come the foot models! How to create the perfect fit for your feet

Foot moulds and upper

Combining manual calibration with machine strenght allows the upper to perfectly host the foot mould

Checking the upper

Human intervention is vital to ensure the upper has been properly modelled

Anchoring the heel

The rear part of the shoe needs additional reinforcement in order to cope with future stress

So hot…So cold

Heating and cooling the shoe is an effective way of removing imperfections

7) Few touches before installing the sole

8) The last polish...almost there


Before fitting the sole it is important to roughen the bottom of the shoe

The hairdrier

By checking and heating the shoe locally we can create maximum adherence to the shape of the foot

Fitting the sole

Once the sole has been fitted it is possible to remove the foot moulds


One last polish of the leather and then the shoe is ready to go

9) Shoe completed and packed, ready to be enjoyed by you

In the box

With maximum care, the shoe is placed into the box together with its accessories

Ready, steady…

Your shoe is ready for delivery and looking forward to seeing you