We design and develop your shoe, tailored around your needs

At Maxima we see the customer first, then the shoe. We produce high quality products which can be entirely customised, from A to Z. A shoe that fits both your feet and your mission.

Product customisation

We are not a mass product and we do not intend to become such a thing. A shoe represents for us a way of growing of our children, too important to be managed through a standard mould.
We put all our expertise, passion and pride into designing, testing and continuously reviewing our shoes so that our children can wear a quality product, able to give them the maximum level of comfort and satisfaction.


For more than 30 years we have excelled in making children’s shoes, through our passion, attention to detail and quality of materials. Our artisan style makes us proud and gives us satisfaction every time we give life to a shoe, so precious for our customers.


Our established reputation has also been influenced by our ability to keep our promises, respecting all deadlines agreed with our customers.
During the last few years we have been working hard to optimise our production system, striving to deliver both an unrivalled product and excellent customer service.

Name a shoe, we will make it

Our lean production coupled with our expertise allow us to produce a wide range of products, carefully fitted around your preferences and needs.